Throughout 2020, Covid caused delays to The Vollkommer family’s quest to meet Emery’s needs for therapies through their school district.  With an unknown timeline, they sought help from SunnyDays Therapy, our partner provider in Albertville.  The unplanned financial burden of private therapy, limited assistance from their insurance provider, and a 30 minute drive from their home in Becker all led to the consideration of limiting Emery’s sessions.
Thanks to our generous donors, The Shooting Star Foundation was able to provide a scholarship to enable Emery to not only continue his therapy sessions, but increase them appropriately for his needs during the summer to twice per week! Emery’s therapist has seen amazing strides and expects he will be prepared for school in the fall.

“The words “Thank You” are not big enough words to express how our family feels about the support being given to us by the Shooting Star Foundation. When we felt like there was no help to be had and no options for us. Your Foundation (SSF) came along side us and helped us immensely. You have no idea the financial burden you have taken off our family. It is very humbling, and we are so very grateful to you, for providing us the ability to get our son the help he needs.”

With Grateful Hearts, The Vollkommer Family

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