As we approach the end of an unprecedented year and reflect on the many challenges presented to families navigating life during a pandemic, we take solace in the peace and comfort your enduring support has offered families also struggling to continue necessary therapies for a child with special needs.

Below are notes of gratitude from some of the parents of the children who received the care they deserved thanks to SSF donors and sponsors

“At 2 ½ years old our son had developmental delays and didn’t talk much. Thanks to the love and support of his therapists, he has learned to walk, is starting to become verbal and is currently working through occupational therapy to help with his low muscle tone and sensory issues. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Words can’t fully express our gratitude.”

 “I was laid off from my job of 14 years in July and this gift could not have come at a better time. I promise we will pay it forward one day. I hope everyone has an opportunity to feel this blessed.”

“In 2020 there hasn’t been much light, but this sure is a bright spot for our family! I can only hope and pray that one day our family will be able to pay it forward like you have for our family.”

Their words are the inspiration that reaffirms our mission to “help children with special needs receive early-interventional therapy that can change their lives.”

Christmas is the time for giving and we ask that you will add The Shooting Star Foundation to your list of charitable giving. With your donation, we will continue to offer support to families to get through this pandemic with greater ease.

Any donation big or small will go directly towards grants for local Minnesota families. Click here to donate:

JOY IN 2020
Moments that shined for SSF Families:

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