Dear Friends, Donors and Everyone Supporting The Shooting Star Foundation,

Merry Christmas from The Shooting Star Foundation!  Before we put 2020 in the rear view window, we are excited to share a number of updates with all of our donors and supporters:

  • We just turned 4!  In October we celebrated SSF’s 4th birthday as a 501(c)(3) organization.  We want to thank all of our donors, sponsors and volunteers who have stepped up and come alongside 80 Families in the Twin Cities over the last 4 years.  To date, you have helped award over $300,000 in scholarships and grants to families receiving services at St. David’s CenterFraser and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.
  • For those that weren’t able to attend our virtual Gala in October, we had a very successful event while also highlighting some amazing stories.  Here is a must watch video where we put a spotlight on a very special donor.
    • We think your whole family might appreciate watching with you today on Christmas morning. It is such an impactful story on how giving can involve the whole family and allow children to see the impact they can have at a young age:   2020 SSF Donor Testimonial
    • Stay tuned for a very exciting announcement of our next event which will be held outdoors in August 2021!
  • We are also excited to share that we have just added a new scholarship partner, Kid Talk
    • Kid Talk is a pediatric therapy center that is focused on developing, improving and enhancing the skills children need to lead quality lives. Treatment is child-centered, functional and fun!  Kid Talk offers quality pediatric therapy services to children with a variety of disorders. Some of them include cerebral palsy, Fragile-X Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, autism, developmental delay, Down’s Syndrome and ADHD/ADD. 
    • SSF awarded a scholarship within days of launching this partnership, which will be an amazing Christmas blessing to a local family.  
  • Your Impact:  As you can see in the update newsletter below, so many families have been touched by your generosity.  If you take anything away from this newsletter, please take time to read the impact you are having in our community.

We are humbled by your generosity over the last 4 years since we started the Foundation.  Because of you, so many families have been blessed and given HOPE, which is such a powerful thing.  In the midst of any storm, HOPE is like a lifeline, a reason to continue the hard work ahead and belief you have a chance to move forward and believe.
As you consider your year-end giving plans, please know your donation makes such a difference for kids and their families.

On behalf of the SSF Board of Directors, Merry Christmas.

Philippians 4:13 – I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

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