Kirk Spresser

Kirk was touched by Joe and Melissa’s story and passion and honored to work with them to start The Shooting Star Foundation.  He wanted to make a difference as he learned the impact that early interventional teaching and therapy can have on these children and the difference it can have on their entire lives.  He was also moved by the sacrifices families were making to better enable their children to lead full and fantastic adult lives.  As a parent of three grown children, he could relate to this commitment to their kids.

Kirk has a variety of non-profit experience – from starting Meals for Wheels in West Palm Beach Florida to annual mission trips to Central America.  As a former President of Red Lobster North America and as an executive consultant to a variety of companies, Kirk continues to use his management background and experience in the non-profit realm.

Kirk is a member of Westwood Community Church where he also leads a small group.

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