At the tender age of four, Jimmy struggled to communicate his needs and frequently became overwhelmed and emotionally distraught throughout the school day. Educators at his school in the Phillips Neighborhood in Minneapolis, were concerned that Jimmy may be struggling with sensory input disorder, making it difficult to follow typical classroom routines, and interact with classroom materials, especially in close proximity to other children.

The financial commitment necessary to give Jimmy the help he needs to grow and thrive was out-of-reach for his family. Thanks to a need identified by St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development, the Shooting Star Foundation was able to give the gift of hope to Jimmy and his family.

Since receiving services with the specialists at St. David’s, combined with on-one-one para support during school, Jimmy has experience continued growth in expressive language and his ability to navigate transitions. He also has grown in independence as he is able to more effectively manage his sensory needs.

Without the support and generosity of people like you, Jimmy’s family would be required to adjust or reduce their work schedules. Making the financial obligations of raising a family all the more difficult, and Jimmy unable to receive the care he deserves to shine.

THANK YOU for giving him this life-changing gift!

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