When Honore was born with Down Syndrome, his mother, Virginie was filled with worry for her baby boy. She desperately wanted Honore to be successful and independent, but financially it was not easy to provide services he needed to thrive. She often felt alone on her journey and did not know where to turn. She prayed for a miracle from God and on September 28, 2018 she got it.

Thanks to your generous support of the Shooting Star Foundation, Honore has been receiving the speech therapy, occupational therapy and special needs preschool at St. David’s Center for Child and Family Development. His attention and imitation skills have improved, which have led to an increase in his expressive vocabulary. He has friends who line up to hug him and say, “Bye bye”, and you can clearly see the joy on his face.

“Honore has a long and challenging journey ahead, which is why Shooting Star was so proud to renew his scholarship. Your continued support has given the gift of hope to Honore and his family and faith that he can do whatever he puts his mind too. “He can go to college, and he can have a good job.” said Virginie, “To me, Down Syndrome is not a barrier for a kid to be successful. They can all be successful.”

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