It is often people who experience heartbreak and hardship that ignite the passion to inspire change and make a difference for other people. The Feltmann family is an amazing example of strength and perseverance, using their own difficult circumstances to inspire hope and prevent others from experiencing similar pain and loss. It started when they lost their first beautiful baby girl, Juniper – who was stillborn after a full-term pregnancy. They learned this tragedy could have been prevented if doctors had monitored her small placenta; or warned them about a decrease in fetal activity in the final days. They have immersed themselves in educating and advocating for other families by increasing awareness, in order to decrease the incidence of stillborn births, which are still alarmingly high.

They kept moving forward and were blessed with two more beautiful daughters, Coral and Jersey; who at their young ages, have already had more than their share of challenges. Both girls had unrelated developmental delays, which led the Feltmanns to seek needed speech & occupational therapy from SunnyDays, one of our exceptional therapy providers. No surprise, both girls are thriving with this important, early-intervention therapy!

The Shooting Star Foundation is thrilled to be able to help alleviate the extra financial burden due to the high cost of therapy and insurance to meet the needs of their young family. Helping families get the assistance they need to give their children their best life is why we do what we do!

Gratitude from the Feltmann Family:

“The Shooting Star Foundation has made it possible for us to support our girls as best as possible to help them thrive. Our journey to parenthood has been challenging to say the least, so getting this assistance has been invaluable.” 

Pictured below is the day I was privileged to meet Coral & Jersey with their mom, Amanda, and their wonderful team at SunnyDays. The girls got to go home with the Shooting Star Superbunny, as their own comfort buddy.

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